C60 – How Best to Use…

C60 also referred to as fullerene is a potent antioxidant with great impact on unsaturated fats. It has a spherical shape that resembles a soccer ball. For many years now, many researchers have been drawn by the unique physical properties of this compound and are continually researching on its possible applications. The molecules making up C60 are inactive hence will not react to anything. Therefore, they are considered harmless yet are very powerful.
Since C60 is made of chemically inert carbon atoms bonded together in a unique symmetry, it attracts other compounds that are unstable. Free radicles are examples of these unstable compounds and thus the reason why C60 wipes them out easily.
Prolong lifespan
Calorie restriction treatments are known to prolong life by 15 to 20 percent. C60 has outrun this level and studies have shown that it has the potential to prolong lifespan by 90%. This is according to an April 2012 study that was conducted by professor Moussa and Baati. The two individuals repeatedly gave C60 suspension in olive oil to rats. The results revealed that in addition to reducing the toxins, C60 doubled the lifespan of the rodents and showed no signs of cancer as compared to the controls.

Powerful Carbon 60 Molecule.

Treatment of Neuronal Issues
The carbon molecules in C60 are bonded together by a high number of bonds which contribute to its highly powerful antioxidant properties. The only factor that contributes to the effectiveness of the C60 compound is the manner in which it can easily move through the cells into the nucleus and mitochondria. It is through this activity that it gets to eliminate the free radicles within the cells thus making it a potential preventive measure in neurodegenerative disease.
C60 has a small size which gives it the ability to easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier. This is a unique trait that can result in its application in the medical field. Particularly it can be used in the nanomedicine to develop new active ingredients that the brain can utilize.  You may well want to have a look at carbon 60 Australia here.
According to some ongoing research, C60 has also been shown to delay the symptoms of ALS. The antioxidant properties of the compound could also be responsible for its effects on Parkinson’s degenerative disease.

Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease
C60 can be used as an active compound in treating Alzheimer’s condition. According to research, C60mhas been shown to combat the clumping of beta-amyloid protein. In this way, it can be used to create new cerebral-application drugs that use antioxidant and anti-aggregation properties.

Cancer Treatment
C60 is a potent carrier for modern day medicines. This has allowed for more precise targeting of cancer tumors during the treatment. C60 brings about a self-destructing effect on the cancer cells. To learn mor of this product I would check out wiki here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckminsterfullerene
A 2011 study revealed that C60 fullerene solution inhibited the growth and development of a transplanted lung cancer tumor with over 76%. The study also showed that it has an almost 48% anti-metastatic effect.
C60 Oil is a relatively new supplement in the market yet it has many potential benefits. Every day, there are new researches being conducted on its possible applications and the results being provided are all positive.