The importance of water

Water is by far the most important substance found on the planet today. Water is theWater is Super Important for Good Health... building block of life itself on this planet and without this vital element, then nothing else would exist as far as living biological life. More then 70% of the planet’s surface is covered with water and it governs the weather patterns via the ocean’s currents which makes rain via evaporation which later precipitates out of clouds back down to where it is needed on the surface of planet somewhere.

Many cultures throughout history and also in our modern times which can be readily observed, is that people like to live on the coastal fringes of various continents on earth.There is a natural affinity that we have as a species to be living near water, that one day it may be the cause of many deaths. This is because people who live on the coast are very vulnerable to a tsunami which is very deadly to life.

We tend to take water for granted which can be observed when we look at how the oceans and lakes have been polluted. Also notice how companies so readily pollute groundwater with activities such as mining for coal seam gas. Within the last hundred years as a civilization, we have collectively used the bulk of our natural freshwater reserves and are really in a precarious place because of it’s now finite supply.

People are starting to become more aware of the fact that they need to protect this precious resource and this has led to many activist groups forming to confront the large corporations that contaminate water supplies and creeks all over the world.

Our bodies are made up of over 70% of water and this means that the body needs at least 2 L of fresh water every day. Many health problems can be cured by just increasing the amount of water that is consumed on a daily basis. What this does is, firstly hydrate the body and secondly detoxify the body and at the same time allows your blood to stay turgid and flowing. When you start to drink between 2 to 4 L of water per day then you will very quickly notice the benefits and how much better you feel and look because of this very basic and well known in ancient times, practice.

These days many people would barely drink 1 L let alone drinking 4 L of water per day. Most people these days tend to drink a lot of coffee and tea and also soft drinks and other beverages such as alcohol. This quickly leads to a situation where the blood becomes acidified and sticky, which leads to a great many health problems over a period in time.

Drinking sufficient water every day is one of the cornerstones to health and longevity and if you were to do this one practice alone, you would be able to offset many potential future health problems and issues that usually arrive. So my advice would be to anyone who is interested in health, is too seriously look into the virtues of proper hydration and drinking sufficient quantities of water every day for the rest of your life.

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